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'Mali savjet zlata vrijedan' ( Little advices )

  Branko Ognjenović

What to do with old bread? How to recognize if the fish on the market is fresh? What are the secrets of a good barbeque? How to make a really tasty beaf soup?  What to serve to unannounced guests?
Branko Ognjenovic, one of the best professional cooks in the region will give you answers on all those questions in our new cooking tv show „Little advices“.

In this short 8 minute tv show, Branko will advise you on different solutions for all the problems you can acounter in the kitchen.

Check the pilot episode here.


Branko Ognjenović is a culinary academician. He was selector of Croatian Culinary Federation's national team.
In 2011 in Zagreb he opened his culinary studio Majstor kuhar - academy for gastronomy and enology.
He won many golden medals on culinary competitions all over the world. Besides that, the fact that he cooked for all three Croatian presidents makes him very proud.
He describes himself as a person who likes to make people happy with food.